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The Rinaldi Restaurant Café in Regensburg is a welcoming and refined place where you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The owner, Michele Rinaldi, initially worked as a waiter in various establishments and nurtured the dream of one day being able to realize his concept. A restaurant with "La cucina semplice di tutti i giorni," with daily culinary art, good, healthy food thanks to high-quality ingredients.

It was about finally finding the taste one remembers from childhood when caught in the kitchen an hour before a meal, and it was worth it. Caught in the act, still with a piece of bread in the pot where "il sugo", the sauce, was slowly cooking. "Mom's kitchen" is not always something one can be proud of. It's trouble and punishment that a growing Italian consciously accepts.

For Michele, good cuisine is inevitably also healthy cuisine. Hence his motto: "Taste saves people from antacids." Good food becomes a value, not because Italians are superficial, but because Italians, thanks to their food, love humanity more. Cooking and eating are two sides of the same joy of life.

Michele likes to be inspired each time for the accompanying delicacies, he enjoys making paté from various vegetables, he likes various salami, prosciutto, and cheese. Just let yourself be surprised.

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